Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is electronic surveillance?
  2. What are the electronic surveillance laws?
  3. What is CALEA?
  4. What is the purpose of CALEA?
  5. Who must be CALEA-compliant?
  6. What is "call-identifying information?&quot
  7. What is "call content?&quot
  8. What is "safe harbor" under CALEA?
  9. What is J-STD-025?
  10. What are the Punch List technical requirements?
  11. Are packet-mode communication technologies covered by CALEA?
  12. What CALEA responsibilities do telecommunications equipment manufacturers have?
  13. Which carriers are eligible to be reimbursed for assistance capability?
  14. By what date must CALEA be implemented?
  15. Does CALEA provide for extension of the compliance dates?
  16. Are there other sources of information about CALEA online?
  17. Has anyone ever conducted any research on CALEA implementation?
  18. Does anyone keep track of electronic surveillance statistics?
  19. Are FBI Special Agents permitted to install wiretaps at their own discretion?
  20. Frequently Misunderstood Questions
  21. Joint Law Enforcement Petition for Expedited Rulemaking Myths

Last Updated: February 1, 2011