FCC CALEA Decisions
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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) serves an important role in the implementation of CALEA. Their role is outlined in the following sections of CALEA:

  • Section 102 : States that the FCC has the authority to establish findings that identify telecommunications services that are subject to the requirements of CALEA which are not specifically detailed in the law.
  • Section 103 : Requires a telecommunications carrier to ensure that its equipment, facilities, or services that provide a customer or subscriber with the ability to originate terminate or direct communications are capable of meeting the assistance capability requirements.
  • Section 105 : Requires the FCC to establish systems security and integrity regulations for carriers to follow.
  • Section 107 : Requires the FCC to establish by rule the technical requirements for CALEA if a party petitions the Commission believing that the industry standard is deficient.
  • Section 109 : Requires the FCC, upon petition from a telecommunications carrier, to make determinations of reasonable achievability regarding the assistance capability requirements of Section 103 with respect to any equipment, facility, or service installed or deployed after January 1, 1995.

For further information from the FCC, please refer to the FCC's CALEA website . Please be sure to see the actions the FCC has taken regarding our Joint Petition for Expedited Rulemaking and Law Enforcement Filings .

Last Updated: February 1, 2011